Sat 7 - Sun 8 Sept 2019

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The 40-year mean values (climatic values) of the main meteorological parameters for August and September, based on the observations at the meteorological station of the National Meteorological Service, at Ioannina airport (39°40'Ν, 20°51'E, 483m). Detailed information for the wind conditions over the lake (wind roses per 2 hours) for the period 1-15 September, based on 10-year recordings of the automatic Meteorological Station of Ioannina University, which is located on the Island of Ioannina Lake (39°40'31"Ν, 20°52'25"E, 478m).

Climatic Elements for Ioannina

climatic table

Ioannina lake | 1-15 September

06:00 (summer local time) 08:00 (summer local time) 10:00 (summer local time) 12:00 (summer local time)
climatic 1 15sept 06 climatic 1 15sept 08 climatic 1 15sept 10 climatic 1 15sept 12
14:00 (summer local time) 16:00 (summer local time) 18:00 (summer local time) 20:00 (summer local time)
climatic 1 15sept 14 climatic 1 15sept 16 climatic 1 15sept 18 climatic 1 15sept 20

by University of Ioannina, Department of Physics, Laboratory of Meteorology


Weather forecast for Ioannina:

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