Sat 7 - Sun 8 Sept 2019

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Our environmental policy

The Organizing Committee of the 2019ERU23C, acknowledges the strong link between sport and the environment.

Our intension is to host a rowing event with limited impact to the environment while supporting the 17 Goals of the United Nations for Sustainable Development.

Raising environmental awareness amongst the athletes and the spectators of the event is very important for its environmental performance.

Environmental Management

We are implementing an Environmental Management System in order to ensure compliance with FISA’s Environmental Sustainability Policy and Guidelines and to highlight the important role that environmental protection plays for both the Hellenic Rowing Federation, the Municipality of Ioannina and the Management Body of Lake Pamvotis.

The main fields of our environmental management system are:

Waste management

A waste separation and recycling scheme is implemented throughout the land zones of the venue.

Athletes and spectators are asked to separate their waste into recyclable (packaging waste ) and non- recyclable according to the signage on the waste bins provided.

Natural resources use and protection

Athletes are informed about a mindful usage of water while cleaning off their boats, thus conserving our precious water resources. Teams are advised not to use chemical detergents or other polluting substances for boat washing.

Although the Organizing Committee will be distributing bottled water for hydration, the athletes are advised to use also their refillable bottles since the tap water is drinkable.

FISA and WWF international are together striving for CLEAN WATER

Transportation impacts minimization and climate change

The Organizing Committee 2019ERU23C strongly suggests the National Teams participating to the event , to offset their flight and other transportation emissions .

Help us minimize the carbon footprint of the 2019ERU23C.

Water pollution prevention

Lake Pamvotis is an environmentally sensitive and protected area., thus any water pollution must be avoided.

Water bottles and other items “do not belong to the ecosystem”. Please do not throw them in the lake.

The Environmental Management System is monitored by the Environmental Sustainability Manager of the event.


Lake Pamvotis, where the European Rowing Championships is hosted, is a wetland of a great importance which belongs to The European Network of Protected Areas, NATURA 2000 due to its significant habitats and its rare species of flora and fauna.

The Protected Area of Lake Pamvotis contains the biggest part of the basin of Ioannina where 5 areas that belong to the European Network of Protected Areas, NATURA 2000 are included. 3 of them belong to the Special Protection Areas (SPAs) created due to their bird fauna which is of great significance, the 1 belongs to the Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) due to its importance of all the other species of fauna – except the bird fauna - and its vegetation units (Habitats types), while there is another existing for both the reasons mentioned.

The Protected area of Pamvotis Lake consists of a variety of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems being at the same time connected to the urban environment, since from the ancient times, along the lakeshore is situated the city of Ioannina and there are many smaller surrounding settlements.

The Protected Area includes 19 distinctive habitats types, 115 species and sub-species of plants closely connected with the aquatic environment, while it is estimated that in general there are 200 species and sub-species. Also, in the Lake exist 20 species of fish and generally in the wetlands and the damp areas there are 12 species of amphibians. The bird fauna counts 169 species, the reptile fauna 25 and the mammals 28 species. In the Protected area there are also 49 species of invertebrates. The Protected Area of Lake Pamvotis is divided into distinctive areas of protection with different levels of graded protection depending on the ecological necessity of their parts. Undoubtedly the most important area is the lake itself and the areas of the lakeside that have the highest protection level.

The aim of the Management Body of Lake Pamvotis (M.B.L.P.. is to preserve the ecosystem, to restore and maintain the ecological balance of Lake Pamvotis and to promote human and economic activities under the principles of sustainability. The contribution of the rowing community as well is essential and crucial to the success of this goal.

In order to raise awareness and contribute to the protection and the promotion of the Protected Area, an Information Centre is located on the Lake Pamvotis Island, housed in a traditional stone building.

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